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Energy Healing: A Powerful Tool




It is your birth right to feel inspired, light, happy, energized and ready to take on the world! In my therapeutic healing work, I connect with a client’s own energy field to achieve a cellular memory release of trauma and unresolved issues. Working with clients in person or by phone (both are very effective), I act as the healing conduit for a pristine, universal energy in synchronicity with the divine nature.



Beyond the Physical

When we are allowed the freedom to move beyond the limited constraints of our emotional, mental and physical bodies, it is amazing what is able to come forth.

It's impossible to count the exact number of cells in the human body, but scientific estimates range from billions to trillions. Cellular memory is the theory that these cells can independently retain information about our life experiences and history. Through traumatic experiences, abuse, chronic stress, or even the stress of everyday life, cells can become depleted by holding within their spheres the draining energy of these events. Unbeknownst to us, we end up carrying that signature memory within our energy field, causing feelings of heaviness, tiredness, sadness, depression or anger. We may not even be aware of this, as its occurrence may be so gradual.


Healing Together

It's time to reclaim what was rightfully yours to begin with: Your voice, your present, your future, your Self. And I want to help. It is such a gift and honor for me to accompany clients as they enter fully into a healing space where they can heal their cellular memories and find a deep sense of wellbeing, connect to their inner joy, and discover their powerful selves.

Contact me for more information if you think you or someone you know might benefit from this energy work. I would be honored to hear from you.

Grace and love,